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That Magic Recommendation...

Could it be Magic? With Paul Newton Magic it sure can!

We can still recall the first time we met Paul, we were lucky enough to be at the stunning Beaulieu Domus for their Wedding Showcase a couple of years ago, seeing him stun couples with some of his tricks...We knew we had to see more. One half of Team Memory Pod is fascinated with all things magic, the other half was sceptical but that all changed the day we met Paul. As we finished for the day, we took our opportunity to ask Paul to perform a few tricks for us and we still to this day talk about this whenever a friend or family member mention magic.

Charisma and charm ooze off Paul, he can have the whole room engaged within seconds of arriving. His sense of humour and his passion for magic just adds to the appeal of what he has to offer. With a unique take on magic, his tricks are sure to leave you and your guests wanting more! What else could you ask for when it comes to an entertainer.

Paul is far from a one trick pony, with Event and stage Magic to even public speaking and hypnosis! Paul always impresses no matter what he is doing. As well as all of this, Paul has his own YouTube channel where he showcases his tips and tricks in Newtons Nuggets along with showing you glimpses of what has has to offer with this magic act.

Could you honestly read all of that and not think that Paul is the right magician for you?!

All that is left to do is head over to his social pages and check him out for yourselves!

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube: @PaulNewtonMagic



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