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That Update Blog - Covid-19

Updated: Mar 31

Well, this is not a blog post that we ever thought we’d have to write but with the scale of things and questions asked it wouldn't be right if we did not address it. Yep, the elephant in the room, the Coronavirus.

As with most people, in the beginning, we thought this would all blow over and wouldn’t affect us/our business and our lovely clients but how wrong were we.

Today, as it stands, The Memory Pod is 100% committed to carrying on and completing events as expected. With that being said we are having to make a small few changes:

The first is our props, as much as they are epic they are also an item which creates a high risk of spreading the virus. Although we clean and disinfect our props on a regular basis we feel that any items that cover the face are not safe for us to use. Therefore, we will be limiting the props provided to ones we feel provide little to no risk.

The second is the touch screen within The Memory Pod. Although we currently operate the screen on behalf of our guests, some keen guests do get to printing off pictures using the touch screen before we do and therefore use the touch screen. We will ensure that guests are informed not to use the touch screen and should there be any use of the screen we will be cleaning the screen throughout our events to try and eliminate risk.

With Wedding Season fast approaching, we know a lot of our couples are going to be anxious in regards to their big day, as well as all our clients with big events coming up in the next few months too. We would like to do all we can to support you all. Please be aware we will do our utmost best to work with you in order to rearrange the date of your event should you wish or if your venue advises. Should you need to chat with us regarding a booking or have any questions we will be committed to assisting in the best possible manner.

We love the relationships that we form with all our clients and we’d love for you to be able to count on us when you need us most.

Please, please, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us!

Team Memory Pod x


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