Features of the memory pod

Camera Icon

High-Quality Photos

No corners cut!

We use professional high-quality equipment to ensure that the photos you take with The Memory Pod are clear, crisp images.

No phone or tablet cameras with low-quality sensors in sight! We use only the best quality equipment for our Photo Booth!

Props Icon

A Huge Selection of props

What is a photo booth without props?

We have huge respect for the people who want to go in and have a serious photograph but 99% of the time, people want to dress up and go crazy with our amazing selection of props!

We always carry a huge range of props from inflatables and hats to sunglasses and other silly items! We also have a hugely popular range of Marvel and DC props!

People Icon

Fun for Everyone

Perfect for all age ranges!

We’re the company who can provide fun for people of any age at literally any event! We’ve had a massive variety in The Memory Pod! From babies to great grandparents and even pets!

Print Icon

Custom Print Designs!

The prints are probably the very best bit!

All of our print designs are bespoke and totally custom to each and every event that we do! Our team of designers take inspiration from your event to create an awesome print that defines you and your event!