Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve taken some of the most frequently asked questions that we get and put them into this table below! Simply click on the question to display the answer.

Of course these do not answer any questions you may have please contact us using the form below.

+ How long is setup?

Set up normally takes between 60 and 90 minutes depending on how close we’re able to park in regards to where we’re setting up. Regretfully we can’t offer to set the Memory Pod up and leave it unattended due to risk of damage or loss. Packing away takes between 30 and 45 minutes and we always aim to leave a venue no later than one hour after we’ve shut down.

+ How many prints are included?

As standard, it’s two prints per ‘go’. Guests are welcome to revisit the Memory Pod as many times as they like during the hire period. We do offer an additional option when it comes to prints. It’s just £55 extra for our ‘unlimited’ prints - for example, if 6 people go into the booth they’d each receive a copy of the photograph. We also include a guest book with our ‘unlimited’ prints so that everyone can stick a copy in and leave a message for the host. An additional photograph is printed especially for the guest book.

+ Can I bring my own props?

100% of course! All of our staff know which props are ours and which aren’t so if you have anything you wanted to to use, we’ll make sure we don’t accidentally pack it away. Please be aware that props often get damaged and lost just in the normal course of running the Memory Pod. We can’t be liable for anything that goes missing whilst in the use of your guests.

+ Any terms or conditions?

Our terms and conditions are passed to any customer as a part of our booking process. If you’d to view these prior to making a booking please contact us

+ Do you put all the images on Facebook?

Normally yes. Our staff will stop anyone who’s trying to ‘bare all’ so we don’t normally need to worry about images not being suitable but we’ll always have a quick scan to ensure they’re OK. Whilst we do reserve the right to use the photographs and print designs taken as advertising material, if any image needs to come down then please do contact us and we will remove the image(s) for you.

+ How does the Memory Pod work?

Inside our closed Photo Booth, there is a 19 inch touch screen - the attendant normally takes care of all operation but you simply need to tap start and the software will take care of the rest. It takes up to four photographs with around 3-5 seconds between each one allowing for movement and new poses. Once the process is complete, the attendant will check the number of prints required (if opted for) and then start the printing process from the touch screen. We find by having a staff member operate the Memory Pod, it allows for a quicker turn around time so we can deal with more guests in a booking period.

+ Can you go upstairs?

We can. The Memory Pod breaks down into several smaller boxes and containers for transport. Please do notify us ahead of schedule if you require the Memory Pod to be located on an upper floor as an extra member of staff will need to be on hand for lifting. Please note, once the Memory Pod is setup to pack it down and relocate it does take significant time so please be sure on your choice of location prior to our arrival. Your venue should be able to advise on a suitable area.

+ How big is The Memory Pod?

The Memory Pod is around 2 metres x 1.2 metres x 2 metres high. We do need a bit of room to allow for people queuing or waiting on prints. It can easily fit 6 people inside which is where we normally cap it - on occasion we will allow more than 6 users inside the Memory Pod. Regretfully, whilst a wheelchair could fit inside the space it is not recommended for safety. We can offer the Memory Pod in an ‘open’ design if wheelchair use is required.

+ When do you design my print?

The print design is normally 4-6 weeks prior to your booking. Purely in case anything changes between the point of hire and event itself. You’re welcome to give us as much information as you can regarding your theme/plans/colours etc. You’ll receive a first draft in the first instance as our rough guide for you to check. We don’t recommend going overly complex as once the images are added it can look cluttered.

Amazing addition to any event! A massive thank you to team Memory Pod!