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Photo Booth Hire in Hampshire

Established in 2014. We Know Photo Booths

An Experience to Remember.

Designed to Create Memories.

Amusement for all ages.

Perfect for any event.

Created with your guests at the centre.


Photo Booths have simply become a ‘must-have’ at any event. Since their introduction they have taken off and simply never stopped getting ever more popular, it’s almost become an assumption that any event will have one. Silly poses and making memories is what makes them and guests are always occupied for hours!

Due to the nature of Photo Booths, you can never have too much fun with one. Why visit once when you can visit multiple times, with different groups and countless props!? If you’re looking at keeping people entertained the Memory Pod is a go-to!

The best part is guests of any age (and yeah… we’re serious!) will enjoy their experience, why wouldn’t they when we make it so easy to use!





No corners cut!


We use professional high-grade equipment to ensure that the photos you take with The Memory Pod are clear, crisp images.

No phone, tablet or web cameras with low-quality sensors in sight! We use only the best quality equipment for our Photo Booth!


The prints are probably the very best bit!

All of our print designs are bespoke and totally custom to each and every event that we do! Our team of designers take inspiration from your event to create an awesome print that defines you and your event!


What is a photo booth without props?

We have huge respect for the people who want to go in and have a serious photograph but 99% of the time, people want to dress up and go crazy with our amazing selection of props!

We always carry a huge range of props from inflatables and hats to sunglasses and other silly items! We also have a hugely popular range of Marvel and DC props!


We make the whole experience simple, and we wouldn’t have it any other way…. After all, why should your guests not have the best experience?! Here’s how easy it is to use!

1) You and your guests jump in (With or without a prop!)

2) Our totally awesome and friendly booth attendants (us!) will explain how it works and start the process for you.

3) The high-quality camera and lens combination takes a series of images with a few seconds between each one to allow you to pull a face and throw some shapes!

4) Once complete our booth attendants will get the images printed for you.

5) Moments after you step foot out of the booth, the 6”x4” print with your custom print design appears out the side of the booth and you’re all good to go again!


Rinse and repeat as much as you want!